nlightn can transform your data into actionable insights, so you can make intelligent business decisions.

We deliver automated insights for your business

Today, the amount of data available to companies across all industries is unprecedented. Traditional BI & Analytical platforms are incapable of surfacing insights without the help of analysts.

nlightn’s cloud-based decision intelligence platform is designed to process, monitor and analyze your data in order to surface automated insights. Based on defined metrics within your business, our platform enables you to convert data into insights that help you drive business decisions. As a result you can achieve sustained growth and improve your company’s overall performance.

So, as a business leader you can now catch inflection points as they occur and remedy them on the go. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your company is on a continuous growth trajectory, by making the right decisions at the right time.

How nlightn's Decision Intelligence Platform helps improve your business performance

The nlightn’s decision intelligence platform is designed to cater to different types of businesses that need data monitoring. Our platform enables you to gauge the effectiveness and performance of your business, once metrics have been established. In addition, it can be integrated with your existing data repositories, business intelligence, and analytics infrastructure, regardless of being cloud-based or on-premise. It extends the functionality of your existing reporting and dashboarding applications without replacing them. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your company’s business metrics are configured and monitored to surface insights for just-in-time decision making.


Businesses are identified as e-commerce when they sell one or more goods online. Goods can be apparel, cosmetics, food, electronics, books, fashion accessories. 

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Organizations that primarily operate online and offer hardware and software solutions are part of this industry. Solutions may be available in the cloud, installed in a data center, or on a desktop / mobile device as an app.

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Enterprises produce products offline and sell them both offline and online. Businesses operate primarily offline and maintain a physical presence. They might use an online presence to market or offer their products and services.

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nlightn uses proprietary algorithms to surface insights and provides recommendations on how to achieve your goals.

How nlightn's solution impacts business outcomes

Identify Your Data Sources

Using nlightn's configuration module define your company's data sources where your business metrics are stored.

Define your KPI & Metrics

Using the data sources defined, configure your KPI & Metrics that required to be monitored to measure business performance.

Business Insights Automated

nlightn's proprietary algorithms will find patterns in your data and surface insights to help identify what is driving your company's KPI up or down.

Make Informed Business Decisions

With automated insights on how your KPIs & metrics are performing, use the recommendations provided by our Decision Intelligence platform to drive decisions and thereby achieve desired business outcomes.